Dr. Eleonora Lilova: "Everything in everyday life becomes much easier when the child feels that they are unique and no one looks exactly like them. This is the superpower of every human being. With our workbooks, we help children discover and develop their strengths in order to be successful and confident.”


The State Agency for Child Protection and specialists from the academic staff of Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" have created two interactive books in support of children.


This is an idea of the Chairperson of the SACP, Dr. Eleonora Lilova, who relies on the strong evidence in the scientific community that the development of character strengths has a positive effect on life, happiness, the search for meaning and satisfaction in relationships with other people and helps in coping with the challenges. Strengths are the paths that can lead people to achieve their goals and dreams, as well as help them build better relationships with others, as well as develop their abilities and talents.


A workbook for children aged 10 to 18 helps children discover their potential and develop their strengths. This book teaches children to use the best of themselves in coping with the challenges of the day. It is available to everyone at the link:за-деца/вашите-силни-страни-работна.


If children feel bored at school, distracted, uninterested, looking forward to the end of the last class, or unwilling to do anything different, then it's time to ask themselves: Which of my strengths can I use to have an interesting lifestyle?


This book helps children find answers: What are my strengths; How can they help me in my attempt to find myself; Do all strengths matter to my Self; How can I develop them - what activities and exercises do I need.


Children may turn to themselves, noticing that their weaknesses are much easier to find than their strengths, that they spend much more time on their weaknesses than on their strengths. Here is another challenge - whether taking the path of development of strengths guarantees greater success in achieving your goals and dreams.


The second book is an electronic methodological guide to help parents, teachers and professionals working with children, which is freely available at the link:за-професионалисти/сили-на-характера


The methodological guide presents opportunities for adults to work with children. It presents exercises that help to develop sensitivity to their strengths, which is a requirement for the effective organization of the process of development of strengths in children.


Both books can be used entirely in an electronic environment - through a computer, tablet or phone.


The authors combine the useful and the fun in the books and help the children and people who help them cope with the challenges and difficulties to develop their qualities in order to find the best of themselves.